Free Chinese New Year Rabbit Year Printable 2023

Free Chinese New Year Rabbit Year Printable 2023

Free Chinese New Year Rabbit Year Printable 2023

What were your New Year’s resolutions? I made quite a few resolutions this year, most of them revolving around trying to be healthier—giving myself more time for meditation, trying to stress less and be more productive. I’ve also made a commitment to trying to be less hesitant about pursuing my projects and the things I’m excited about, mainly my writing and my children’s book that I’m working on, little by little. 

The Year of the Rabbit is on Sunday, 22 January. It seems hard to believe that the first month of 2023 has passed so quickly. But it’s almost here, and with it will come the beginning of a new Lunar Year, the Year of the Rabbit. If what they write about this year are true, this will be a year for reflection and contemplation, a time to regroup after an active 2022. It seems to me that every year lately has been fairly fast paced and eventful, and so the prospect of this year sounds inviting. 

How will you be welcoming in the Year of the Rabbit? Do you plan to celebrate in any way? Perhaps to decorate with lucky red decor, to cook a traditional meal? Or to light firecrackers or watch a parade? There are many fun ways to celebrate this new lunar year. If you are looking for a last minute decoration to put up on your wall, feel free to grab this printable rabbit year design. It looks awesome in a frame, with some red and gold decor and a bowl of oranges beside it. 

If you decide to download a copy, let me know how it looks and how you used it to decorate your own space for Lunar New Year.

Wishing you a great rest of the week,

S. Kibbe

You can grab your New Year’s poster here.



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A picture of a red rabbit in a white picture frame.

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