A cartoon rabbit holding a red sign with the Chinese character for rabbit.

Happy Lunar New Year 2023!

Happy Lunar New Year 2023!

Happy Lunar New Year! Wishing you a joyful and prosperous Year of the Rabbit. May it be filled with peace, happiness and success! Thank you for visiting and reading along with us this year, I am excited for what this next year will bring!

What special plans do you have today? Will you be celebrating the Lunar New Year? If so, here are some great words that are often part of a New Year’s celebration. Try to use some today to talk with someone about the Lunar New Year! 



新年快乐=Happy New Year

兔年快乐= Happy Rabbit Year 

红包= red envelope (a traditional gift filled with money and given to children) 

恭喜发财= Wish you prosperity and wealth

春节= Spring Festival 

身体健康= Good health (wishing someone good health)

New Year Foods

鱼= fish

饺子= dumplings

年糕 = New Year’s Cake

春卷= Spring Rolls 

Wishing you a wonderful day. Until next time! 

- SK 

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