Happy Random Act of Kindness Day! Free Spanish Stickers Printable

Happy Random Act of Kindness Day! Free Spanish Stickers Printable

Happy Random Act of Kindness Day! Free Spanish Stickers Printable

Happy Friday! How’s your week going? Are you excited for the weekend? Today is a long weekend for many people here in the US, us included.  President’s Day is this weekend, so Monday is a day off. It’s a nice chance to get caught up on things, although it always seems to me that the weekend passes too fast and I don’t get much done. 

Another day that is less well-known but still pretty fun (no day off sadly), is one that I just became aware of last year: Random Act of Kindness Day. This one caught my eye when I saw it on the calendar quite simply because it is a really nice idea. I can’t argue with a day promoting kindness! It seems to me that the world can use days like this, with more people trying to do a nice thing to make someone else’s life better. You never know how a kind act can improve someone’s day, week, or even their entire outlook on life. 

It can be very difficult as a busy parent (or just person, in general) to find time for this type of thing. I sometimes feel like I barely have time for anything at all, let alone celebrating. But I do think that there are small but meaningful ways we can seek to spread kindness, even with something as small as holding a door or offering a smile or compliment. 

In order to celebrate this day I put together some cute stickers (or clip art, they can be either) that you can print and cut. They feature encouraging, positive phrases and words in Spanish. I like printing them on sticker paper and then using them to decorate notes for my kids lunches, but you can use them in many ways to brighten someone’s day. 

Stickers decorating colorful post it notes pinned to a wall.

I hope that you have a great weekend, and that you will have the chance to celebrate Random Act of Kindness Day. You can find your sticker download here. And if you are looking for more printable Spanish stickers, check out my Spanish Encouragement Printable Stickers here in the shop and on my Etsy page. They’re perfect for teachers and also for anyone teaching Spanish at home or in an ESL or dual language class. 


Wishing you a happy, amazing day! Talk soon,

-S. Kibbe

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