A Chinese new year greeting card decorated with a smiling cartoon rabbit dressed in red set against a red background.

The Year of the Rabbit 2023 is Almost Here!

The Year of the Rabbit 2023 is Almost Here!

Hi there! How is your week going? Hope you’re doing great and that your week is off to an amazing start. Thankfully Monday is over (phew!) and now we can move on to the rest of the week!

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately filling orders for Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year). This year the Lunar New Year falls on 22 January, so it’s getting close and preparations and celebrations are in full swing. This year the sign of the zodiac is the Rabbit, so this will be a rabbit year, and the element is water. I’ve been making rabbit cards, and rabbit mugs. It’s a very cute sign!

The Rabbit is considered to be a very lucky animal. Those born on a rabbit year are said to be calm, sweet and loving, but also agile and dexterous thinkers. The year itself, 2023, falls in a yin year, years which are seen to be calmer, more reflective years than yang years (2022). So 2023 is anticipated to be a time for reflection, recollection and renewal, as opposed to action. It sounds nice, I guess we’ll see how it plays out!

The water element means that the year will be more about fluidity and movement, and plans will have to be kept flexible. I like having my plans set and concrete, so for me this will be a challenge!

Around the world, in many countries and communities, people are preparing to celebrate this new lunar year with meals, red lucky decor, parades, and festive red envelopes filled with money (known as 红包.) It is a very celebratory and exciting time. Welcoming in a new year to me always has a fresh and energizing feeling to it, and this is a chance to welcome the new year a second time. Maybe I can get another try at my New Year’s Resolutions? Does it work like that? 🤔 

Are you planning on celebrating the Lunar New Year? Do you know your zodiac sign, and if so, do you think you share the personality with your birth year animal? If you would like to share a little new year cheer with someone special, check out my print at home Chinese New Year Rabbit Year cards and mugs! They’re really cute for a dual language classroom or for anyone who is excited for the beginning of a special new lunar year. Enjoy the rest of your week. Talk soon!



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