Valentine’s Day is Sweeter with Cupcakes!

Valentine’s Day is Sweeter with Cupcakes!

Valentine’s Day is Sweeter with Cupcakes!

To say my kids are excited about Valentine’s Day would be an understatement! Ever since they’ve found out about giving cards and candy to their classmates at school, they’ve been talking about how much candy they’re going to receive. And I’m planning how I’m going to find a way to hide most of it so they can’t eat it all at once. 

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that elicits very different reactions from different people. Some people love it, some people hate it, and some people kind of just tolerate it. Right now, my kids are in the love it stage. 

I’m excited my kids are enjoying the holiday so much! (I love holidays, and I hope that they grow up to enjoy them too) But I want them to think not only about the candy, but also about some of the ways they can share the day with their friends and other people that they care about. Even though Valentine’s Day is associated with romance, I think it’s about a lot more than that. 

I asked my kids to help me come up with sweet things they can say to their friends in Spanish to tell them that they care. We drew colorful cupcakes, and chose colors for our cards. It took a while at first to add the words, but eventually it became easier and the ideas started to flow. Since they are in bilingual schools, it was nice to make cards in Spanish that we can send along with the English language cards we bought at Target. It’s hard to find things in Spanish in the stores, so these cards will be great for their classrooms. 

I’m happy with the final result, we’re planning to punch a hole in the top, add ribbon and a piece of candy, and write the names of their classmates. I hope that my kids will have as much fun giving them as they do receiving their own cards. 

If you’re interested in getting a set for yourself you can find them here on Winter in Olympus or in my Etsy shop. They come in a set of 12, and can be printed as many times as you need! They’re convenient, unique and sweet 💜

In what ways do you celebrate Valentine’s and show others that you care? If you do download one of my Valentines cards I would love it if you would share with me a picture of the finished product on Instagram! Tag us in your photo so we can feature your beautiful handiwork!

Wishing you a sweet rest of the day, talk soon, 





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